On Gay Marriage

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This article is from the Pickering Post and makes more sense that anything written before – or will be. Like everything there are always only a handful of activists creating trouble for the many. That fact is almost anywhere you want to look. The worst part is the dumb politicians think by appeasing 1% they are going to win a whole plethora of votes. Wrong again. All they are doing is hastening their demise. The minute someone stands up to these bullying tactics be it the gays, refugees or Islamic’s they will win the coming election. The worst trouble makers are those who have a social conscience as they call it. The whole of the free world is fed up to the teeth of their public behaviour, there is no place for it in a decent civilized society.

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The Article:


Contrary to what media says, a plebiscite on gay marriage has no chance of getting up and therefore no chance of becoming law, when gay marriage should be a separate gay law.

Almost everyone who is asked in endless surveys if they agree with gay marriage will say “yes” without hesitation. But if asked to respond to what the proposed legislation will actually say in plebiscite form they will unhesitatingly say “no”.

Cunning Aussie gays insist that the elected Parliament must do its job and deny the people a say. Unfortunately (for the gays) a plebiscite will reveal their real intention, which is not to make gay marriage legal at all, but to extinguish the Marriage Act altogether and replace it with a gender neutral oath.

And that’s why a plebiscite will throw up a definitive “no”, therefore, according to gays, it must be avoided at all costs.

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So endless polling must not be believed because pollsters are asking the wrong question. They dare not ask if the Marriage Act should be repealed and replaced because they know the answer will be “no”.

Also the Government has allowed for $7.5 million in advertising for each side of the argument. This would lead to a fair amount of unintentional gay bashing in the process of explaining the truth. Gays are not stupid, they understand this.

But they want more than straight Aussies are prepared to give them.

Anyway I couldn’t give a stuff what gays do… anyone can marry whoever, or whatever, they want! But they cannot trash the Marriage Act simply because they believe in gender neutrality and uni toilets.

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Gays do not want a separate Act that allows them to marry… that solution would be far too easy for them. But they had better understand they are still a miniscule part of the population and marches and gay Mardi Gras parades don’t alter those numbers.

They have bitten off more than they can chew his time and even Labor is not fully on board. The Greens are of course, but the Parliament as a whole is not, and Coalition members are reticent to cross the floor and Labor members are bound to Caucus decisions and cannot cross the floor. And that is what the gay lobby is relying on.

A plebiscite will be a disaster for the gays as it will expose their dishonest intentions.

… and that’s why they don’t want one.

Source: http://pickeringpost.com/story/-/7361

Gay Marriage
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