Rate this post British Riots vs. Australian Illegal Immigrants – Spot The Difference.   Sorry to have to tell you this however there isnt any difference. Mostly Black, Islamic and have little sense. Destruction and violence are their weapons to intimidate us. The difference is only the British ones haveRead More →

Rate this post Ninemsn.com – the standard of reporting… In this story about Brad, Jennifer and Angelina… http://news.ninemsn.com.au/entertainment/8283004/aniston-kicked-out-pitt-after-he-admitted-jolie-love The picture is titled “Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2004. (AAP)” Now anyone can make a mistake however these journo’s with their university degrees simply make way too many mistakes. Doesn’tRead More →

Rate this post On Fiona Byrne, Bob Brown and the Greens. I believe you are (was) the Mayor of Marrickville? A local government person? Libraries, senior citizens centres, baby health centres, rubbish removal and street sweeping. Fiona Byrne, Bob Brown & The Greens Fiona Byrne is the sort of personRead More →

Rate this post On Bob Brown – Greens Bob Brown – Former Green Party Leader… The Great Illegal Immigrant Circus Bob Brown, come on mate. you did a great thing with the Franklin River issue but sadly you have hit your use by date. Your party and beliefs have beenRead More →

Rate this post Law Firm DLA Piper (formerly DLA Phillips Fox) is being commissioned to undertake an external enquiry into all forms of abuse in the Defence Forces. Stephen Smith, Defence Minister has organised this… Big trouble ahead folks.       Mr Smith said that would put the governmentRead More →

Rate this post Australia’s Future – Former Labor Minister Julian Amos Former Labor minister Julian Amos interviewed 60 Tasmanian CEOs, union leaders, heads of peak industry bodies, economists, heads of government agencies and political commentators and came up with a damning assessment of the state’s economy. This is what he wroteRead More →

Rate this post This whole thing sounds very suspicious to me… Here are all these experts running around, complete with sniffer dogs, presumably bomb sniffers, and for 10 hours they couldn’t work out it wasn’t real? The bomb was a fake? We have the military at their disposal they defuseRead More →

Rate this post Michael Fox & The Sydney Harbour Bridge SAS Soldier Michael Fox & The Sydney Harbour Bridge. Michael Fox is a legend. He brought the city to a standstill for a cause, a few pollys are jumping up and down but they always do. So where did thisRead More →