Rate this post Sarah Crutchley Dies in waterfall accident and swept down by a current of water after she slipped while walking across submerged rocks close to the edge of the Ton Nga Chang falls, the Daily Mail reports. This is all very very sad and condolences to the familyRead More →

Rate this post Another Family Court Disgrace – it never ends. It simply never ends – one day to the next these idiots prove how vicious they are. A Court expert and Judge Margaret Cleary….. These “Court Experts” who cannot be identified, are they not appointed by the courts? WhatRead More →

Rate this post The Greens At It Again, particularly Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. The Greens have slammed any proposal by the federal government to process asylum seekers in Pacific nations. As if Labor particularly Julia Gillard hasn’t screwed it all badly enough with letting the rooftop reffos rubbish here in theRead More →

5 (100%) 1 vote Nathan Rees, another one of NSW disastrous Premiers… And you Nathan are one of the worst we ever had after Bob Carr – you know, out Foreign Affairs Minister. Where do you get off at you fool. Ok Nathan Rees – lemon sucking time is over:Read More →

Rate this post Another Social Do Gooder Tosser – Australian Childhood Foundation chief Joe Tucci . This Guy takes the wanker of the year award.   His own Bio: He has acted as consultant to the Department of Human Services (Victoria) and the Department of Health and Human Services (Tasmania)Read More →

Rate this post Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani – Iranian Woman Stoning – All I can say is stone the ungrateful bitch – She deserves everything she gets. Why try and help these idiots at all? It basically shows how born stupid these lot are. What is she expecting – some kindRead More →

Rate this post Teresa Gambaro Liberal? As Australia works to stem the flow of asylum seekers landing on its shores, the nation should be more supportive of other new arrivals, some of whom may be the victims of xenophobia. Comment: Correction Teresa, it has gone from 3 a year toRead More →

Rate this post Australians Criticized By Iranian Criminals An Iranian illegal – claiming to a be refugee, has criticized Auatralia and the Australian Navy for not doing our job better. While giving evidence at a coronial inquest, the man, who cannot be named, criticised the Australian navy for not detectingRead More →

Rate this post Kym Reedy – Gossiper   The Fair Work Australia Commission last week ruled a “breach of trust” was a good enough reason to end a person’s employment after Global Cranes managing director Fred Vidaic fired Ms Reedy for texting his fiancée, claiming he had had sex withRead More →

Rate this post Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell. This guy has got his head screwed on right as far as I am concerned – his thoughts on suicide.   Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell says he never meant to upset anyone by writing a column suggesting New ZealandRead More →