Pauline Hanson – Total Idiot

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The West Australian elections are all over done and dusted. There were no real surprises as to the outcome when you think about it, Pauline Hanson and One Nation got totally trashed. You can bet your sweet arse they will get a further hiding in Queensland.
james ashbyAt the time of writing they didn’t get a single seat in spite of predictions of many that went as high as 20 seats.One Nation did score 4.8% of the vote. The big surprise is Liberals went down like that proverbial bag of poo dropping 15.6%. I think in spite of the hoo haa about how the Nationals were going to travel they retained 5 seats so therefore I think they were the real winner a lot of commentators thinking that the rift with Liberals would hurt them. Clearly it didn’t, in fact probably saved them.
This where it gets very interesting. Both Liberals and One Nation claiming that preferencing each other hurt them. Thats fantastic news – after the fact. Thats why people rejected them, they are both as stupid as each other. One Nation faithful hate the Liberals and I have no doubt the Liberal faithful would have thought in a similar manner. It was always going to be a debacle. It turned out worse.
Lets look at One Nation. Their behaviour has been totally beyond belief. They sacked every decent candidate they had. The treatment of Rod Cullerton Rod has balls, he took on the system and One Nation left him out in the cold. They crucified him actually. This did not sit well with one of West Australia’s favorite sons. A week out from the election Hanson sacked 2 others. Their crime? They objected to preferencing the liberal Party. v

We can look at the treatment of Peter Rogers who had one of the highest and respected profiles of

any candidate. He would have won the Queensland election, One Nation don’t seem to think that matters. James Ashby didn’t want him, preferring to put in his own bunch of Liberal losers. The electorate took notice of this. There were a total of about 8 sacked in as many weeks, all decent worthy candidates. How bloody stupid of Hanson to do this and think people wouldn’t notice.
Look at the stupid Putin comments, her dumping of the senior citizens. Come on, we respect our senior citizens. Clearly you don’t, you have your arse firmly glued to a Senate Seat for 6 years so therefore why should you give a stuff? her entire attitude Her anti vaccination attitudes did not sit well at all. The penalty rates issue. Thank you for screwing the workers.
At the time of writing I am watching the Bolt Report and one commentator stated that if Pauline stayed out of the West maybe One Nation could possibly have doubled their vote. Pauline Screws up at every turn and yes, blames others.

What this all comes down to is very simple. With the way she behaves, back-flipping, lying, treating people like she does the people decided they do not want anything to do with her at all.

The whole issue of James Ashby is well reported in the media. He is a total joke beyond any measurable extent. I have it on very good authority that he is not a Liberal Party plant, they actually hate him as he caused far more damage to them than is generally known. They couldn’t see the last of him quick enough. In fact they were dumbfounded as to why Pauline took him on. Oh well, she wanted a gay toy boy and look what happened. You can be assured this is what caused the demise of One Nation.

Lets look at the policies of One Nation. These have done a 180 in the last few months with candidate dissatisfaction as what they are expected to support is different, very different to that which they signed up for.

Lets get the facts right, this fool has no concept of politics, people and with the way she treats her candidates who in their right mind would trust them with running the Country?

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