Pike River Mine Enquiry

Pike River Mine Enquiry

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Pike River Mine Enquiry. There comes a time when you simply dont believe what you are reading. How incompetent are these people? This was always going to happen. This electrician should have known better. The most damning part is the Mines Department, they are as culpable.

This is as reported….

In South Africa there had been six incidents of methane explosions, and in all cases both power and communications had gone.

“Each and every time, that was what happened,” he said.

He said he went into the mine, because he felt people were depending on him and it was important to get the ventilation system going again.



He entered at 4.07pm and was worried there were no lights, and the one metre red and white PVC reflector strips were not there.

Something didn’t feel right,” he said.

The commission heard that Mr Strydom was not wearing a breathing aid and his gas alarm was for carbon dioxide and not methane, the explosive gas that is found in coal.

When he left the mine he tried to used a phone but the container where it was housed was locked.

The sheer level of ineptitude of this article is astounding. This electrician went into a mine with a carbon dioxide monitor only? What was he thinking? Where was the OH&S? Do these people not understand that its methane that causes the bang? All mines have methane in them. And hydrogen sulphide. What makes it worse is that I have seen that in Australia. Want to add insult to injury? Look at the Trainers ads, must have had mine experience. The incompetent teaching incompetency. It is rife out there, I know it first hand. BA was not needed if checks had been done which clearly they were not.

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