Ian Rintoul é lá em cima com qualquer radical. Seus pensamentos são de que o projeto de construção de uma aliança eleitoral só tem um significado para os revolucionários na medida em que ela ajuda “a construção de um partido revolucionário de massas. Revoltionaries – não é que um termo marxista? Quem é Ian Rintoul?consulte Mais informação →

For a lot less than she cost the entire David Jones team could have had an all expenses paid trip to Thailand and had change. This is one gutsy little lady, go get ’em…. David Jones publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk has reportedly knocked back $8 million to settle her sexual harassmentconsulte Mais informação →

NZ Refugiados Asilo apanhador de Disputas… NZ Refugee Asylum SeekerThe blazing headlines read…. The Question remains unansweredwhere is their paperwork to get to Indonesia. Where did they get the money. Who organises them to get the boat? Who organises the crew? Come on Indonesia, you are fullconsulte Mais informação →

Fiona Byrne and her Green lot quite clearly and demonstrably support Islamic terrorism. They quite clearly support any regime that is contrary to Australia’s best interests and will drag Australia down and encourage othersalbeit unwillingly into supporting these terrorists. Fiona Byrne is clearly guilty of treason. Fiona Byrneconsulte Mais informação →

This whole thing never seems to end…. It appears this comment made by Jim Wallace has stirred the pot: Jim Wallace, the head of the Australian Christian Lobby and a one-time SAS commander, used Twitter on Monday to say: “Just hope that as we remember servicemen and women today weconsulte Mais informação →

Refugiado Edição Revisited… Most of these people are NOT refugees at all, lets get the facts right. What have we seen since Gillard and Rudd have got in power. Nothing but ongoing troublehatred toward all over the issue. I know for fact a lot of employers refuse toconsulte Mais informação →