Parramatta bomb hostage siege

Parramatta bomb hostage siegethe claytons siege. The siege that never was. Simply another in the long list of NSW Police acts of gross stupidity Parramatta bomb hostage siege -The story goes something like thisOn Tuesday September 6th 2011 A man holed up in a Lawyers chambers inconsulte Mais informação →

Zahida, 19, and Husna, 26,

Islâmica e indiana. There comes a time, and an incident that turns the tide on the way you think. This one did it for me. They then pinned the girls down and tightened the noose until they died, police say. Two Indian and Islamic women in India have allegedly killedconsulte Mais informação →

Pike Rio Mina Inquiry. There comes a time when you simply dont believe what you are reading. How incompetent are these people? This was always going to happen. This electrician should have known better. The most damning part is the Mines Department, they are as culpable. This is as reported….consulte Mais informação →

Esse cara, O ministro da Defesa Stephen Smith, é um conjunto idiota morto. Assim como Ranga Gillard. vídeos, transmitido na quinta-feira pela Seven Network, mostram soldados referindo aos afegãos como “Coons areia”, “Coons dunas”, “nigger” e “locals mau cheiro”. The story in issue here is the soldiers who made their feelingsconsulte Mais informação →