Adam Goodes – AFL player. He is a much touted and awarded player. Whether this is a good or bad thing I have no idea as I personally do not care one way or another about AFL. What I have seen is a disgrace of the worst kind and Goodesconsulte Mais informação →

A Lei Court of Australia Família é tão ruim quanto esses islâmicos – Facto… They are working under United Nations orderssame as Governments are over these Islamics and deserve the same fate. British soldier murder, his name is Lee Rigby. The First Casualty of War is Innocence. Thisconsulte Mais informação →

Australian Legacy bigger than all of us will ever be.If anyone wants to try and discredit or destroy the Australian Military you are going to have to get past these good people. I hold the view they are the backbone of it all. If there was a reason to fightconsulte Mais informação →