Outra família Tribunal Disgrace

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Outra família Tribunal Disgrace – nunca acaba.

Ele simplesmente nunca acaba – um dia para a próxima esses idiotas provar o quão cruel são.

Um especialista em Tribunal e Juiz Margaret Cleary….. Estes “Tribunal Especialistas” que não podem ser identificados, eles não são nomeados pelos tribunais?

Qual foi o crime do homem de perder seus filhos? Ele simpatizava com Arthur Freeman. Ele escreveu uma canção sobre isso e cantado. O Tribunais comportamento bastante vergonhosa em todo este caso muito triste é bem documentada em toda a web e na mídia. O que isto bimbo sangrenta Juiz Margaret Cleary está dizendo se você ousa nunca dizer nada, exceto o que exonera totalmente do Tribunal e / ou culpa totalmente Arthur, então você estará em apuros. Este homem perdeu o acesso a seus filhos sobre ele.

Aqui está a história MSN em parte:

O pai disse ao tribunal deixou cair seu filho com raiva durante uma discussão com a mãe da criança, quando ele tinha apenas nove dias de idade, em julho 2009, a Daily Telegraph relatórios. No aniversário da morte de Darcey ele escreveu uma música com as letras “será que alguém ouvi-lo?” that he performed at a festival.

A court expert said the song waschillingand it made excuses for Freeman’s actions.

There was no mention of the mother of the other little children who witnessed the incident,” ela disse.

The father said he did not know Darcey or her family but felt grief over her death.

The 61-year-old had been trying to change a court order which meant he could only spend time with his son under supervision at a community contact centre.

He had wanted his son to live mainly with him and spend some time with his mother, who has bipolar disorder kept under control with medication.

But the court awarded the child’s 40-year-old mother sole custody and his father will only be allowed to send him birthday and Christmas presents.

Judge Margaret Cleary noted a psychiatric report on the father that said he had narcissistic personality disorder, which he had disputed.

The offshoot of this is that if there is any dissent with the Family Court Judges who in fact are responsible for these deaths by failing to deal with the disgraces of usually the Mothers then the fathers will be punished. Si what happened to freedom of speech? This kind of conduct for speaking out is totally Marxist in nature. The facts though are slightly different, the Courts are actually behind it allyes I do have the evidence.

No-one is anything but upset about the Freeman incident – a “truththat came out in the trial of Arthur is very different to that which was made public in the firat 3 days after the event. The truth of that one is that Peta (Arthurs ex-wife) went on a long term effort to take his kids off him. And the Court experts knew about this, too well documented to deny it. Thats what sent him off the rails.

And they have tried to cover it up and are still trying toCannot do it.

Unless you are very left wing Labor voter you will lose your kids, or have access severely curtailed and punished. It was started by the greatest communist disgrace this country has ever had, Gough Whitlam.

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