Os australianos criticado por criminosos iranianos

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Os australianos criticado por criminosos iranianos

An Iranian illegalclaiming to a be refugee, has criticized Auatralia and the Australian Navy for not doing our job better.

While giving evidence at a coronial inquest, the man, who cannot be named, criticised the Australian navy for not detecting their vessel as it approached the jagged rocks at Christmas Island.

The man told West Australian Coroner Alastair Hope he and other asylum seekers on board SIEV 221 spent up to an hour in the water until the navy arrived.

How long do you think a wife and a child can exist in water like that, even with a life jacket?” he told the inquest on Wednesday.

On the morning of December 15, as the wooden Indonesian fishing vessel was torn to pieces when it hit rocks and the 92 people on board were propelled into the rough seas, the man was able to grab hold of a rope passed down by residents.

Another Iranian asylum seeker told the inquest he was not happy with the Department of Immigration, as he and his wife were now living scared after spending months in detention.

Many of the people who come to Australia are not miserable people or loser people,” ele disse.

I was someone in my own country, working for a computer network but at the moment, the way they actually treat uswe don’t feel proud of ourselves.

Well old mate, if you were settled and working a decent job in your own country, then why come here? You are not a refugee, you are a simple arsehole illegal immigrant. Get the facts right and stop having a go at us. Ungrateful piece of shit you are. Like most of your kind. You decided to try and jump the queue, took an old unsafe boat, and you lost your wife and kid when they drowned. Now who is responsible for all this? Not us you bloody tosser.

The next days news which doesnt surprise me:

But at about 6.15am on December 15 he watched as SIEV 221 was repeatedly battered by huge swells just 20 metres from the jagged cliffs.

Mr Jardine rang his colleague Myles Pickett and said theirworst nightmare of a SIEV crashing in high swells was about to happen”.

The customs officer told a coronial inquest on Thursday he was first notified that SIEV 221 was near Christmas Island at about 5.45am when he got a call from colleague Ross Martin.

He then relayed the news to the Customs & Border Protection National Operations Centre (CNOC) but said the boat was not in any immediate peril.

Ross told me it was 500 metres offshore so there was obviously no immediate danger,” Mr Jardine told West Australian Coroner Alastair Hope.

The off shoot of all this is very simple. The observations were quite correct. Anyone with any sea experience at all knows you ride out a storm and stay offshore. These idiots on board wanted to land. They caused their own demise. These people trying to blame us, not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. Their stupidity could have cost the lives of our people. Send the shitheads back home.

The Next Days News:

The WA coroner is also seeking the records from phonecard carriers in relation to calls made from a detainee at the Christmas Island Detention Centre before the boat crashed into jagged cliffs killing 50 asylum seekers on board.

It has been claimed an asylum seeker had called the people smuggler prior to the tragedy about when the boat would arrive. He was told it was on its way.

Counsel Assisting the Coroner Marco Tedeschi said they were having some difficulties obtaining records of calls made from mobile phones in and out of the detention centre from detainees as they were transferred via a 1300 number.

Here is the cold hard evidence that this is mass organised criminality. The refugees all seemed to know whats going onbut no-one else does. It seems they run better schedules and timetables than the city trains here. This is all very contradictory, they are blaming the navy for not detecting the vessel, yet they admit they knew it was coming? The question in all this is now all too obvious. Worse still, proof positive we are being treated as fools.

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