Tumultos britânicos vs. Imigrantes ilegais australianos

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Tumultos britânicos vs. Imigrantes ilegais australianos – Spot The Difference.


Sorry to have to tell you this however there isnt any difference. Mostly Black, Islamic and have little sense. Destruction and violence are their weapons to intimidate us. The difference is only the British ones have their freedom, but have not changed. Call it racist, call it what you like, these are the facts. There are a few caucaseans in there as well. Same as here, all troublemakers..

The pic on left is Villawood on fire.





This is what a British group said:

The riots and mindless violence expose a broken section of British society which isutterly detached from the values and responsibilities we expect of our fellow citizens”, a think-tank says.

Gavin Poole, executive director of the Centre for Social Justice, said many of the children and teenagers involved were from alost generation” e “face a life on benefits in ghettos scarred by poor housing and street gangs, completely devoid of aspiration”.

In such communities, they have been written off by society repeatedly,” ele disse.

These are the actions of people who live in chaos, hopelessness and poverty.

What they are doing is criminal, completely wrong and must be punished.

But it is not entirely random; they believe they have nothing to lose and no one to answer to. Some even consider it normal.

He added: “As wrong and unacceptable as it is, they project anarchy in public because it is what surrounds them at home.

Many will have never known stable parenting or fatherhood role models. Such family breakdown and dysfunction has rendered countless young people damaged and directionless.

Poole went on: “The appalling scenes on the streets of London, and elsewhere in the UK, should be condemned unreservedly.

The actions of those people, many of whom are reported to be children and teenagers, are endangering lives, attacking police officers, destroying buildings and looting goods.

It is criminal behaviour and must be met with the full force of the law.

Yet we have to recognise that this mayhem also exposes a broken section of British societyutterly detached from the values and responsibilities we expect of our fellow citizens.

In short, thats what we have here. It is getting worse by the day. Ehnic violence is on the increase and soon Australia will have what Britain is experiencing. The idiots like Gillard and Rudd must be stopped at any cost. Australia’s future depends on it.

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