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Fitness First Ginásios

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Fitness First Ginásios, or Really, Incompetence First

Lets cut to the chase on this one, gross incompetence and negligence of the highest order. Para piorar a situação, the Victorian Coroner Kim Parkinson has a few questions to answer. The family of the deceased person said they were happy with the Coroners findings. I am not, they are a disgrace to say the least…..

The Story as reported in Various media

Coroner Kim Parkinson today called on the Victorian government to introduce laws requiring fitness centres to have a staff member qualified in first aid on duty at all times, after finding the industry lacked mandatory regulations.

Her recommendation followed an inquest into the death of David Thomas, who died from a lack of oxygen to the brain after having a heart attack at Fitness First in Collins St, Melbourne, in October 2007.

Ms Parkinson said there was only one staff member, a receptionist with a lapsed first aid certificate, on duty when Mr Thomas collapsed about 9.30pm on October 3.

The receptionist called 000 and was instructed by the operator to find the centre’s defribrillator and start using it.

Now come on Kim. New Laws? Why for god sake? Are there not workplace laws? Is there not an OH&S set of laws? Is there not some kind of Workcover in Victoria? The evidence is clearthey had a Defib device, and no-one to operate it. Not that it would have done a lot of good for someone who stopped breathing. A lapsed first aid certificate? Why lapsed?

Where was their Centre risk assessment? They had a defib machineObviously OH&S was given some thought.


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