Forensic Scientist John Ryall & The Qld Floods

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The title is important, this guy is a forensic scientist or so he claims.

I read stories like this one and I really shake my head and wonder about the type of idiots there are out there. I do a copy ‘n paste for the full story circulating.

Travellers frustrated during Qld floods

Updated: 04:42, Friday April 29, 2011

Interstate travellers bound for Queensland holidays were angry that information on road closures during the state’s flood crisis was not readily available.

In a statement to the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry, Victorian retired forensic scientist John Ryall has told of the frustration he felt during his family’s post-Christmas drive north to Queensland.

‘Flood waters are no respecters of state borders and yet it seems ludicrous that the travelling public cannot obtain information about road conditions beyond the borders of the state they are currently travelling in,’ ele disse.

Mr Ryall said Australian visitor information centres should be able to give travellers information on interstate roads closed because of natural disasters.

‘Although it was not far from the Queensland border, the Tenterfield Information Centre was not able to advise about road conditions north of the NSW border,’ ele disse.

‘The staff at the centre had access to a computer but they again appeared reluctant to access information relating to road conditions in Queensland.

‘The tourist information (centres) we visited in Cowra, Coonabarabran and Tenterfield did not provide a reason as to why they could not access computer information in Queensland on road conditions.

Mr Ryall said many road trippers did not carry laptop computers and didn’t have access to the internet.

‘We only had a mobile phone with us,’ ele disse.

He said he was also disappointed with the coverage from the national broadcaster, ABC Radio.

‘We found that as the Test Cricket was being broadcast, the usually hourly updates of news, weather and road conditions were not coming from our so-called ’emergency broadcaster.

‘There seemed to be no consideration that conditions could be any different from those in Melbourne at the time.

Mr Ryall called on the ABC to interrupt its cricket coverage with hourly updates during emergencies.

Unless I am wrong and CSI is a work of fantasy, are these people not supposed to have some investigative ability and draw conclusions etc, research from the most minor clue and all that hi tech thinking? Then come up with a logical answer? Yet you dont have the brains to work out the simplest of things at all. Stay away from the entire area. As a matter of fact it was well publicised in other areas. There was an emergency situation going on up there at the time with the majority of the state flooded. The local tourist information centres are exactly that, local tourist information centres and why should they be able to provide information as you seem to think? And do you seriously think that the National Broadcasterthe ABC, is somehow responsible for your holiday? There are such things as internet cafes, and I am sure if you asked the local cops they would be able to assist you.

All you are doing is yet another idiot appearing in this what is now turning out to be a rather farcical Commission of Enquiry trying to blame someone else for all your problems. Methinks any evidence you give isnt worth shit. He simply cannot accept responsibility for his own stupididty. I knew a lot of people who had planned holidays up there at the time. They all changed plans, but not you moron.

There is another story on the same day….

The death toll from a series of storms and tornadoes across the southern United States soared to at least 295 on Thursday, com 195 confirmed fatalities in the state of Alabama alone.

Officials warned that the definitive toll of what was already the worst tornado disaster to hit the United States in decades would probably not be known for days.

The overall toll includes 34 deaths in Tennessee, 32 in Mississippi, 14 in Georgia, 12 in Arkansas, five in Virginia, two in Missouri, and one in Kentucky, according to state officials.

How many died in the Queensland Floods? Google it and find outwe have the best warning system and emergency service people in the worldbar none. All this Commission of Enquiry has time to do is listen to some brainless moron who had his holiday ruined.

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