Beterraba Golden Circle por Heinz

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Beterraba Golden Circle por Heinz.

This has gone far enough. Beetroot, dear to the heart of every Australian. No self respecting Aussie would ever consider having a hamburger without beetroot on it. As humble as it is, a wonderful tasting vegetable. Like passionfruit, its something we all love.

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Heinz is shutting the factory down and moving it to, of all places, Nova Zelândia.

FARMERS affected by flood and a community already hit by factory downsizing face a tough future after Heinz slashed more than 340 jobs as it shifts some production to New Zealand.

Heinz is closing its tomato sauce factory in Girgarre in northern Victoria at the expense of 146 empregos, e 160 beetroot-processing jobs will go at the Northgate plant of its Golden Circle subsidiary in Brisbane.

Outro 38 jobs will be cut when meals production ceases at the Heinz factory in Wagga Wagga, but the plant, which employs 113 pessoas, will remain open to continue producing canned meat.

As well as the 160 jobs at Northgate, the Golden Circle decision leaves nine beetroot growers in the flood-hit Lockyer Valley, west of Brisbane, without their main source of income.

The horticultural organisation Growcom said the decision was adevastating blowfor growers, especially after the floods.

Clearly, this is a business decision which Golden Circle has had to make, the same as a grower would on their farm,” said the chief executive of Growcom, Alex Livingstone.

But it will be sad to see the end of beetroot production in Queenslandan iconic product and an industry worth around $10 million a year.

The Victorian Farmers Federation is also concerned about the impact the Girgarre closure on local farmers.

Time to put a stop to this nonsense. Enough is enough.

Time to buy back the farm, this time, literaly.

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