Kirsty Fraser-Kirk & Sex Scandal

Kirsty Fraser-Kirk & Sex Scandal

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For a lot less than she cost the entire David Jones team could have had an all expenses paid trip to Thailand and had change.

This is one gutsy little lady, go get ’em….

Kristy Fraser-Kirk
Kristy Fraser-Kirk

David Jones publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk has reportedly knocked back $8 million to settle her sexual harassment lawsuit against the retailer’s former CEO Mark McInnes.

The figure is the exact amount Ms Fraser-Kirk had asked for originally before her legal team decided to pursue the much bigger $37 million claim, a Daily Telegraph relatado.

Ms Fraser-Kirk knocked back the offer before leaving on a holiday to the US to escape media attention and attend a family wedding in New York.

The airfares to the US, as well as an earlier flight to London, were added to the expenses list to the lawsuit against the retail chain.

Ms Fraser-Kirk had also refused an early offer of $850,000 to settle the case and save all parties from public embarassment, a figure she had considered before resolving to continue with the lawsuit.

She is suing David Jones, Mr McInnes and nine directors of the company.

David Jones and Mr McInnes have denied the claims made by Ms Fraser-Kirk.

Kirsty Fraser-Kirk’s case against retail giant David Jonesformer CEO Mark McInnes was settled out of court for $850,000.

Sounds like a sexual harassment case gone wrong and the old boys network has closed ranks. What is interesting, I have spoken to her Dad, I believe her.

The reasons I spoke to him were way out of left field and totally unrelated to this blog or the incident.

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