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Law Firm DLA Piper (anteriormente DLA Phillips Fox) is being commissioned to undertake an external enquiry into all forms of abuse in the Defence Forces. Stephen Smith, Defence Minister has organised thisBig trouble ahead folks.

Defence Minister Stephen Smith
O ministro da Defesa Stephen Smith




Mr Smith said that would put the government in a position to make further decisions about how to deal with these matters.





Lets look at this law firm a bit more closely shall we? Take a look at who used to work there and see the type of people who we have in our society:

Susan Crennan Justice of the High Court of Australia (since 2005)

James P. Gorman CEO of Morgan Stanley (effective 1 janeiro 2010)

Diana Bryant Chief Justice of the Family Court (since July 2004)

John Faulks Deputy Chief justice of the Family Court (since July 2004)

John Pascoe Chief federal magistrate (appointed 2004)

Chris Maxwell President of the Court of Appeal in Victoria (appointed July 2005)

Sir Edward Woodward (judge) former Federal Court judge

Pamela Tate, Solicitor General, vitória (appointed July 2003

Graeme Samuel, ACCC Chairman (appointed in July 2003)


If there ever was a roques gallery, you have it in one. We all know about Diana Bryant dont we? And John Faulks. The disgraces of these pair in their capacity in the Famaily Law Court and the disgraces they have been involved in. Their positions represent their left wing looney and anti military stand. Nós, the Australian people do not wish to be treated like fools, but thats what is attempted. The outcome is already a decided issue.

DLA Piper can be contacted on 1800 424 991 or by email at or Mr Smith said Defence had established support arrangements for those experiencing distress or who felt they need emotional support.


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