Rate this post Now lets get the facts right here Julia Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her partner, the first bloke Tim Mathieson, have finally moved into their new digs at The Lodge in Canberra. Ms Gillard deposed her predecessor Kevin Rudd in June but refused to set up campconsulte Mais informação →

Rate this post The infamousSt Kilda School Girl“, who’s name has been revealed to be Kim Duthie.     She seems like a normal well adjusted young woman…. The 17-year-old St Kilda schoolgirl who claimed she had sex and had taken drugs with disgraced AFL manager Ricky Nixon nowconsulte Mais informação →

Rate this post Joel Monaghan and The Dog Picture. Uma imagem salva mais que mil palavras. Bem feito companheiro, você tipificado o que um jogador de futebol realmente é. Esqueça o spin…. E era um companheiro de equipe Canberra Raiders que tirou a foto? Agora, onde está a RSPCA em tudo isso? Láconsulte Mais informação →

5 (100%) 1 vote Racial discrimination at its absolute worst Racial Discrimination at its worst and in an incident shows exactly why Australians are now racist and highly upset. We have in this country a lunatic fringe from the left, Fabians and socialists. The greatest Political football we have isconsulte Mais informação →

Rate this post Nothing independant about this joker Andrew Wilke at all. Nothing but a piece of shit troublemaker. He entered politics for his own agenda to cause as much trouble as he can. One of the ratbags that gave Juliar Gillard power for powers sake. Lets look at himconsulte Mais informação →

Rate this post And I am supposed to be, as an ex Commando, sympathetic to the looney left in Australia about a few of our Commandos being put on trial, unjustly so we can display to the Taliban how above board and honest we areThought you might like toconsulte Mais informação →