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This poll is simple enoughwho can enter Our Parliaments both Federal and State and whats the citizenship requirements for this.

We have seen in the last few weeks 2 Greens booted for flouting the rulesand possibly more to go. Yes Novamagic agrees with most of what has been said, they should be gaoled as I dont wear this honest mistake garbage and forced to repay all moneys paid to them. As well as that the seats be vacated and a new election for these seats be held. Seems to me its get rid of one crooked polly and they get replaced with another. This is plainly wrongthe electorate needs to voice their views.

The worst case of a foreigner in Parliament is Al Grasby under Whitlam. He started the rot. Desculpa – the worst one is that Islamic Auburn Mayor.

The major consideration in my eyes is the lack of ability to check their backgrounds if a foreigner.

Só deve pessoas nascidas neste país ser autorizados a entrar no Parlamento?
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