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Police Commissioner Christine Nixon and her BookFair Cop

I have looked at this whole thing, studied the history of it, timing, evemts before I wrote this. There seemed something oddly out of place, and their was. There was the sheep mentality, it sounded good so lets hang Christine.

The issues are around 3 events. A hairdressing apointment, a meeting with her biographer, and a prearranged dinner engagement. Then there was the so called Royal Commission. Thats another debacle all on its own.

As for the book, obviously I havent read it yet, but do intend on doing just that.


Lets get the story in perspectiveJust a little bit:

It was hot, dry and excellent bushfire conditions. Another day at the office, perhaps a fire may break out but no-one can be sure. Everyone on high alert as expected. Perhaps one will, perhaps one wont. We get scrub fires all the time, so they are nothing to get overly excited about.

Christine had no reason at all to do anything except her routine as was planned for the day. So she had her hair done, as women do. She saw her biographer, as people do. Probably went home and had a relax.

The Chronology Of Events As Per Wikapedia:

sábado, 7 fevereiro (Black Saturday)
Mid-morning – Bunyip State Park fire jumped containment lines; no other major fire activity.
Late morning – many fires sprang up as temperatures rose and wind speeds increased.
11:20 am – power lines were felled in high winds igniting the Kilmore East fire (Kinglake/Whittlesea area). The fire was fanned by 125 km/h (78 mph) winds, entered a pine plantation, grew in intensity, and rapidly headed southeast through the Wandong area.
12:30 pm – Horsham fire commenced.
Early afternoon – ABC Radio received calls from residents of affected areas supplying immediate up-to-date information on fire activity.
2:55 pm – Murrindindi Mill fire (Marysville area) first spotted from Mt Despair fire tower.
3:04 pm – temperature in Melbourne peaked at 46.4 °C (115.5 °F).
4:20 pm – Kilmore East fire front arrived at Strathewen.
4:20 pm – fire impacted Narbethong.
Mid-afternoon – smoke from Kilmore East firestorm prevented planes from mapping the fire edge.
4:30 pm – number of individual fires across the state increased into the hundreds.
4:30 pm – fire commenced at Eaglehawk, near Bendigo.
4:45 pm – Kilmore East fire front arrived at Kinglake.
5:00 pm – wind direction changed from northwesterly to southwesterly in Melbourne (see Fawkner Beacon Wind chart for 7 fevereiro 2009).
5:10 pm – air temperature in Melbourne dropped from over 45 °C (113 °F) to around 30 °C (86 °F) in fifteen minutes.
5:30 pm – wind change arrived at Kilmore East and Murrindindi Mill (Kinglake/Marysville) fire fronts.
5:45 pm – Kilmore East fire front arrived in Flowerdale.
6:00 pm – Beechworth fire commenced.
6:00 pm – Kilmore East fire smoke plume and pyrocumulus cloud reached 15 km (9.3 mi) high.
6:45 pm – Murrindindi Mill fire front arrived at Marysville.
8:30 pm – Victorian Health Emergency Co-ordination Centre notified Melbourne hospitals to prepare for burn victims.
8:57 pm – CFA chief officer first notified that casualties had been confirmed.
10:00 pm – Victoria Police announced an initial estimate of 14 fatalities.
That Chronolgy is quite interesting to read. The fires had already started and everything possible to deal with them was being done, by the people who had the expertise. Realistically, what was Christine supposed to do? Go to Bunnings and buy a couple of buckets? Then race off and pour them over a fire somewhere? Lets get real Christine had already done her job, putting into place the structure for such an event. Thats her job, and she did it.
So why not go off and have dinner? What was Christine supposed to do? I believe she showed incredible management skills by staying out of things and letting others do their job and not interferring. Was she a fire expert? Não, the fire brigade people were. If she tried totake controlperhaps there may have been a lot more casualties.
As for this so called Commission of Enquiry or whatever it was
All they were doing was trying to hand someone. Find someone to blame as these tosser Lawyer types always do. They were on a popular theme, hang Christine, the public wanted that. That bunch of tossers was trying to deliver.
So why the hate session against Christine? Possibly partly because she was a woman, partly because she came from NSW. In more recent times look at whats happened at the top with the home grown boys. Its also true she is a tad overweight and a lot of undue attention has been paid to that. I bet if she was a super model type none of this would have happened.
What Victorians tell me is that there was a lot of flack from the outset with her appointment. I have been told she was a simple public service clerk attached to the Police Force in Sydneys Western Suburbs. She was in fact a Deputy Commissioner.
Nota: In the August 2011 trashing and rioting of London, some of the worst mob violence ever, three days into it Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his holiday from Italy to attend crisis talks. Agora, its much the same thing as Christines Dinner isnt it?
The lynch mob targeting Christine has been a disgrace. A total disgrace beyond any comprehension. The outright malice that was displayed against a highly proffessional person is beyond belief. ChristineI wish you well and really, you have nothing to defend yourself over. The bastards deserve to burn.

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