Refugiado Edição Revisited

Refugiado Edição Revisited

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Refugiado Edição Revisited…

Most of these people are NOT refugees at all, lets get the facts right.

What have we seen since Gillard and Rudd have got in power. Nothing but ongoing troublehatred toward all over the issue. I know for fact a lot of employers refuse to give them work. Its up to them that one, but I forget who they are.

We have seen the boat arrivals go from 3 a year to one every 3 dias. Thats Julias way of fixing it. Ai sim, they dial OOO when they get close to shore.

We have seen wanton vandalism in detention centres, mass breakouts, ethnic crime soar to unprecedented levels, waiting lists for public housing blow out from one to ten years. Housing Department people tell me these illegals go into the Housing Commission, demand a house now, and beside a particular Mosque, because the Government promised them. sim, a lot more benefits.

DIAC officials on Tuesday also revealed they estimate the damage bill for riots that rocked the Christmas Island and Villawood detention centres earlier this year would be about $9 milhão.

What has been happening as well? These people are put up for long periods of time in very expensive Hotels, get all the free medical and dental they want, our military kicked out of defence housing, then it gets declared sub standard anf not fit for them. Está bem, why did our military have to live in these then, they were good enough for our soldiers were they not? Our aged pensioners who had worked all their lives and get treated like dirt so these crime ridden ungrateful demanding thugs get red carpet treatment.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen last month announced 400 male asylum seekers would be temporarily housed in converted army barracks at Pontville, north of Hobart.

Prime Minister of Australia Ranga Gillard
O primeiro-ministro da Austrália Ranga Gillard

I think its fair to say, and based on a number of criteria, that by the end of the year Julia will be our first real political assasination. The facts are people have had enough of her. The country is in real revolt with Labor support bottoming out. I am not advocating such course of action but the signs are there and this red headed dim wit is really too dumb to know when to back off. I really dont think there will be too many tears.




And whats the latest thing going on? An Ernst and Young review of the federal government’s Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Strategy (IHSS) program in the NSW Hunter region has found settlement contractors are delivering sub-par services. Well dear me, what are our aged people living in? Where is the enquiry into that?

Service providers complained they faced significant challenges, including an unexpected increase in the number of refugees, the size of families being settled and rental market conditions in Newcastle.

But Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and Parliamentary Secretary Kate Lundy said service providers had been puton notice”.

Australia’s refugees settlement services have been recognised as some of the best in the world, but it’s clearly not the case herethese findings are unacceptable and decisive action needs to be taken,” the pair said in a statement.

The latest on the Malay deal….

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay told a forum in Sydney on Monday the dealwhich has not yet been finalisedappeared to violate international refugee law. “It cannot send individuals to a country that has not ratified the torture convention, the convention on refugees,” ela disse.

Someone has got to be kidding themselves about all this.


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