Sally-Anne McCormackClinical Psychologist

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Sally-Anne McCormackClinical Psychologist

here is another expert that hasnt got a brain between her ears, has a mouth thats all.

On her website she says:

Sally-Anne and her colleagues are passionate about preventing depression and anxiety in children and teens. Much research suggests that around 4% of primary school children, e 8%-10% of adolescents suffer from depression. An Australian national survey in 1997 found that around 14.5% of Australian children and adolescents have mental health issues (Sawyer, et al., 2000). Those who have depression may be misdiagnosed as having ADD, ADHD or other developmental issues. It is essential that they be assessed by an appropriate mental health specialist (eg. psychologist, psychiatrist, general practitioner, etc.).

Listening to her garbage no wonder people are mentally disturbed..

Sally-Anne McCormack
Sally-Anne McCormack

On ninemsn website it is reported

A new Barbie doll that comes with a hidden camera may be used as a tool for pedophiles, experts fear.

The Mattel toy encourages children to film themselves at play through a tiny camera built into the doll’s necklace.

A small LCD screen on the doll’s back offers instant playback and up to 30 minutes of recorded footage can be uploaded onto a computer, edited and shared online.

Clinical psychologist Sally-Anne McCormack said the toy, which retails for about $110, could be abused as apotentially pornographic tooland urged Australian parents to boycott it, a Herald Sun relatórios.

She said it would be easy for someone with perverse intentions to hand the doll to a child.

Ms McCormack added that she already counsels children about the devastating effects of being filmed without their knowledge.

Where the hell is this woman coming from. Are kids not taught NOT to accept things from strangers? Anyone seriously thinks a pedophile is going to give a kid a doll and 3 minutes later steal it off them again? Are children taught NOT to talk to strangers and accept things from them? What does she teach them, talk to strangers, accept gifts and lollies? And this being filmed without their knowledge garbage. When does the devastation kick in? Pense nisso, the kids have no idea about it untill they are told to be devastated. If anyone wanted to film a kid they go to the shop and buy a video camera with a zoom lens and then start filming them. So lets ban all video cameras.

Sally Anneyou are dead set stupid. In spite of that I cannot begin to understand why a 3 ou 5 year old would even be remotely interested in a toy like that. What are Mattell thinking?

This idiot of a woman is plain dangerous to the mental health of kids.. A danger to society and especially kids in a big way. She certainly is no expert in any way, no common sense at all. Just loves the media attention and all that goes with it. If you look at her website you will see thats all she puts on there, her media appearances.

The comments on the web are very interesting..

They are all saying the same thing as above..

how can they be devastated over something they dont know about

and etc

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