Os Verdes para ela novamente

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Os Verdes para ela novamente, particularly Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

The Greens have slammed any proposal by the federal government to process asylum seekers in Pacific nations. As if Labor particularly Julia Gillard hasn’t screwed it all badly enough with letting the rooftop reffos rubbish here in the first place, the backlash has been such that we have the most hated Government in Australia’s history, condemnation is absolute. And these ultra looney left wing saboteurs now have the answer to it all. I don’t think so.

Sarah Hanson Young


Here she is, all young and stupid, straight out of uni, knows everything. Like the rest of them, they have a platform for the idiots of saving earthworms. Stay with it you idiots, you do that well, but that’s all.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young on Saturday held a press conference outside Villawood detention centre, in Sydney’s west, where she met detainees and staff.

How much time, energia, public resources are wasted on these proposed solutions that do nothing but try and push Australia’s obligations offshore, out of sight and out of mind,” Ms Hanson-Young told reporters.


An Australian detention centre in the Solomon Islands is a terrible, terrible idea.

A detention centre in Nauru is a terrible idea. Sending people to Malaysia is a terrible idea.
Actually Sarah, you don’t allow the useless bastards here in the first place, problem solved. Sarah, you are a dead set idiot. What amazes me is that you expect to be taken seriously.

If You Remember:

The former Howard government established detention centres at Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Then that changed to being in Australia. Little Johnny had it right all along.



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