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Sarah Hanson-Young

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Sarah Hanson-Young – (former) Leader of the Greens

Sarah Hanson-Young says that Australians are all sick of the bickering between Abbott and Gillard over the boat people. No, we are all simply jack of you. As dumb as…

Sarah Hanson-Young

Just for the record Sarah Hanson-Young, you are not an elected Government, You are a minority. You do not speak for all Australians and never will. Truthfully, the very Gay Bob Brown is held in ridicule by most, you run a close second. take a look at Julia, her “partner”, his daughter and wow, that’s the top family in the country. The reality is no-one wants these reffos here at all, period. They were not an issue once, they didn’t arrive. Its you lot of idiots that caused it all letting them in. Its actually you lot, Sarah Hanson-Young, playing politics with them.

Factually, most Australians would like to see them all sent back. We simply do not want them at all. You lot have caused this country a great deal of heartache, expense, the new breed of criminals, people being kicked out of their houses, social upheaval to name a few. All because you and the likes of the Ian Rintoul think its going to get you a few votes.

If you took a look at that fool Fiona Byrne – the ex Mayor of Marrickville who was booted for her stupidity then you will have a fair picture of yourself Sarah Hanson-Young.

Lets get the facts right about the Greens. They are a bunch of total loonies. You haven’t worked a day in your life either. You think we should take the reffos in from Malaysia and Indonesia do you? For the record, they are out of their own country and it isn’t and never will be our responsibility to do anything with them.

Hang onto power dill brain. There is another election coming. You will never see power in this country.

Really, I have yet to see a more stupid bunch of people than the Greens. Tree huggers? No.. Outright Marxists hell bent on destroying this Country. This is Sarah Hanson-Young.

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