Stephanie Rice – Ian Roberts – Jaguar

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Stephanie Rice – the disgraceful conduct by many and the eventual outcomes is a damned disgrace. Ian Roberts the gay activist poof is especially abysmal. In more recent times with the poofs advocacy of gay marriage and how it is being resoundingly defeated makes it even more inexcusable. Then add Jaguar cars conduct onto it and well – a dogs dinner. Like Mercedes Benz and the Alan Jones thing. The queers need to be made illegal again as they cause too much trouble to justify their existence.

The story as reported –

Stephanie Rice, 22, has been labelled a “complete idiot” following the offensive comments posted following the Wallabies’ Tri-Nations rugby victory over South Africa on Saturday night.

“Suck on that f–gots,” Rice tweeted.”Probs the best game I’ve ever seen!! Well done boys.”

Former NRL star and gay rights advocate Ian Roberts attacked the Queenslander’s comments as “inexcusable”.

“She is an idiot and anyone who continues to endorse her as an athlete is an idiot as well,” the report quoted Roberts as saying.

It also appears that Jaguar has cancelled Stephanies contract….

For thr record Mr, Miss, Ms or whatever gays accept as a title, I do not like being referred to as an idiot by a gay becuase I accept heterosexuality as the standard – I detest who you are and all that you stand for.

As far as jaguar are concerned, perhaps Ian Roberts would be more fitting as a role model for their cars.


Openly gay Olympic gold medallist Matthew Mitcham has defended swimming star Stephanie Rice over her ‘offensive’ Twitter post.

Mitcham, using his own Twitter account, said Rice’s comments were “offensive and thoughtless”, but he knew his friend of two years was not a homophobe.

“She luvs gays but used very ill-chosen language,” Mitcham tweeted.

“She meant no malice, & she has apologised for her careless comment posted in the excitement of the moment.

“That’s enough for me to forgive a friend.”

Onya Matthew, you have the right attitude and are the kind of Gay we are all happy to accept…

As far as Jaguar Cars go – work it out… So much for Mark Eedle of Jaguar.

I support Stephanie Rice and the moral of the story Ian Roberts is if you have a problem then get back in the fucking closet and close the doors.

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