Hits: 65Oh Malcolm Roberts, you really know how to screw up dont you. Between lying about your dual nationality, lying about getting tickets to Trumps inauguration now this. One Nation candidate and former senator criticised for ‘absolutely appalling decision’ not to stand down staffer, who was charged with rape inRead More →

Hits: 60Victoria Police’s Freedom of Information (FOI) office has refused to release documents relating to a crash involving Daniel Andrews, arguing it’s not in the public interest. This website holds that public disclosure so that we can all make an informed decision is the best policy. Right now the coveringRead More →

Hits: 38Hell – we all know that Baird was rotten to the core in every way possible. We are all aware that the State has been raped of its assets wholesale. Baird went gang busters trying to sell everything and no doubt a lot of pockets have been lined. IRead More →

Hits: 86The NSW Highway Patrol are without a doubt the most corrupt of any Police force in the world. A GD friend of mine advises that they are known internally as the gestapo. Another told me that very few volunteer for the Highway Patrol, most are sent there and theRead More →

Hits: 125Internal wrangling, centralised power, no say by members. all trying to be top dog. This sounds exactly like their opposite number – One Nation which is self destructing for the very same reasons. Interestingly this website has always referred to One Nation as exactly that, the right wing versionRead More →