Hits: 27On Bob Brown – Greens Bob Brown – Former Green Party Leader… The Great Illegal Immigrant Circus Bob Brown, come on mate. you did a great thing with the Franklin River issue but sadly you have hit your use by date. Your party and beliefs have been hijacked byRead More →

Hits: 47Australia’s Future – Former Labor Minister Julian Amos Former Labor minister Julian Amos interviewed 60 Tasmanian CEOs, union leaders, heads of peak industry bodies, economists, heads of government agencies and political commentators and came up with a damning assessment of the state’s economy. This is what he wrote about Tasmania,Read More →

Hits: 23Nathan Rees, another one of NSW disastrous Premiers… And you Nathan are one of the worst we ever had after Bob Carr – you know, out Foreign Affairs Minister. Where do you get off at you fool. Ok Nathan Rees – lemon sucking time is over: I quote: Labor’sRead More →

Hits: 44Michael, you have an ex commando going to war with you. We are elite, these so called experts are nothing but politically oriented wankers who try to get at us elite soldiers. I invite others to join the war, this is our job, look after the people of Australia.Read More →