There is a poll at the bottom, have your say and/or leave a comment on this web page This article is from the Pickering Post and makes more sense that anything written before – or will be. Like everything there are always only a handful of activists creating trouble forRead More →

EG Gough Whitlam Labor Prime Minister Gough Whitlam is the father of the destruction of modern Australia, lets not get our facts wrong here. The current lot of labor are simply continuing the tradition started by EG Whitlam. Gough certainly knew how to twist the truth and something they haveRead More →

New Zealand CYF – Child Youth and Family. I will reprint here what they say on their own website – “Our people are passionate about caring for kids and supporting families. We are the single biggest employer of social workers in the country. In addition to more than 1,300 socialRead More →

Chief Justice Diana Bryant – this woman is a total and absolute joke… Totally corrupt Here we have a little boy been abducted, no doubt the history of it all will show that concerns were raised about things. A little boy was abducted overseas and the father went to enormousRead More →

Parramatta bomb hostage siege

Parramatta bomb hostage siege – the claytons siege. The siege that never was. Simply another in the long list of NSW Police acts of gross stupidity Parramatta bomb hostage siege -The story goes something like this… On Tuesday September 6th 2011 A man holed up in a Lawyers chambers inRead More →

Family Court of Australia Corruption is rampant and out of control Family Court of Australia Corruption From the outset, I offer no doubts that you are an honest person. There were a couple of things you said that made that perfectly obvious and an absolute truth. Well done, not manyRead More →