The truth of what happened in the Fraser Anning saga – I got this first hand. Pauline Hanson is a liar of the worst kind, something I have always maintained. And I quote: “They wanted him to resign to trigger a casual vacancy so they could put Roberts back in.Read More →

Oh Malcolm Roberts, you really know how to screw up dont you. Between lying about your dual nationality, lying about getting tickets to Trumps inauguration now this. One Nation candidate and former senator criticised for ‘absolutely appalling decision’ not to stand down staffer, who was charged with rape in May.Read More →

The sixth NSW Senate spot is up for grabs and the pundits are speculating on who will take it, Hanson or Bernadi. My bet is neither of them will. The Hanson/Ashby show has proven to be nothing more than a 3 ring circus. As for Bernadi, he really hasn’t shownRead More →

Yes he was a British citizen in spite of his well publicised denials. He was always Australian “in his head” was one thing that made me laugh. Sounds like gender switching bullshit logic to me. This by the way was the very same Senator Roberts who declared to the worldRead More →

Dear me, does One Nation ever stop to think and see the damage they are doing to themselves? They blew the West Australian election out the door with their behaviour. They are about to do the same in Queensland. I will run book now, they will be very lucky toRead More →