Hits: 92So politically correct and oh so much sympathy for “those on love”. Utter nonsense. The fact of the matter is that they are at least three times as likely to die from HIV, prostrate and anal cancer not to mention genital warts. Neither HIV or the cancer can beRead More →

Hits: 94Once upon a time being queer was a crime and carried heavy sentences. There were many instances where the National security was threatened because of blackmailing individuals and fear of exposure. Get one thing through your heads, that was the only reason being queer was decriminalized. It had nothingRead More →

Hits: 87I think we have all had just about enough of the dirty filthy Islamics. Its time to back Mark Latham and hopefully get him into power and boot the lot of these shitheads out of the Country. Seriously, time for the bullshit and egos to stop and get behindRead More →

Hits: 51Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Gender Equality Campaign – this is from Andrew Bolt – not Novamagic but, he has nailed it. A pathetic piss poor performing Government in total shambles. For Christ sakes, select on ability, no wonder we are screwed. From Andrew Bolt this morning: – RememberRead More →