The sixth NSW Senate spot is up for grabs and the pundits are speculating on who will take it, Hanson or Bernadi. My bet is neither of them will. The Hanson/Ashby show has proven to be nothing more than a 3 ring circus. As for Bernadi, he really hasn’t shownRead More →

Hell – we all know that Baird was rotten to the core in every way possible. We are all aware that the State has been raped of its assets wholesale. Baird went gang busters trying to sell everything and no doubt a lot of pockets have been lined. I canRead More →

This website isn’t making this up at all. Please read on. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the world and this country is in turmoil at every turn. There is the strong prospect of civil war or if you like, a revolution. Much the same thing I guess.Read More →

I have to admit this whole sorry arsed saga dropped the credibility of the fashion industry to below rock bottom. Rather than offer any views on it better the picture tell the whole story. This is about the criticism by Lyn Yaeger of Vogue on Melania Trump. Let the pictureRead More →

This website is no major fan of the Sunrise TV show yet this Kathy Griffin has gone way overboard with her behaviour. There is a line in the sand and this woman pole vaulted it. We all can respect political beliefs different to ours and that is the basis ofRead More →

Guys, keep your eye on the ball, this issue please. This is the issue and no other. There is plenty of talk about uprisings, civil wars, revolts and rebellions. There is no doubt these will happen as the signs are there and already started. This is the reason for aRead More →

Its supposed to be authoritative – I have my doubts I know that there are 5 different types of poison that can be injected into people and kill them instantly. The beauty of these is that they are not detectable with any autopsy. How they work is simple, they quicklyRead More →