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Tanya Plibersek is currently the Deputy Opposition Leader in the Federal Parliament. Her husband is Michael Coutts Trotter – convicted heroin importer and dealer. At best she is one of Julia Gillard’s very left hardcore feminist group. She pleads to let her husbands past be the past and not influence anything. Yet in the very same breath she is involved in the greatest pack of lies smear campaign against anyone she sees fit.

michael coutts-trotter

Michael Coutts-Trotter, despite spending nearly three years in jail for selling heroin in the 1980s was – two weeks after Labour won the election – parachuted by John Della Bosca, NSW Education Minister at the time, to the position of Director-General NSW Education. No prior knowledge of education required (although knowledge of the right people, was certainly required). This caused some minor stirring from NSW Teachers Federation with their then President, Maree O’Halloran saying a teacher with this background wouldn’t be allowed to teach. Yes I do know him and was in fact the preferred drug dealer to the Labor Party

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