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Teresa Gambaro Liberal?

As Australia works to stem the flow of asylum seekers landing on its shores, the nation should be more supportive of other new arrivals, some of whom may be the victims of xenophobia.

Comment: Correction Teresa, it has gone from 3 a year to one every 12 hours of late the number of boats arriving – fact…

We Continue with your tripe: One in a series of workshops at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association conference under way in London on Tuesday focused on initiatives in handling migration issues.

“We think it’s important that governments develop strategies to help address negative public perceptions (about migrants),” Mr Day said.

“And we think people should challenge actively misinformation and xenophobia on the basis of accurate evidence.”

You views on gay marriages etc are well known, sorry to have to say it but you should be in the Greens, you are simply too stupid to be Liberal.

Miss Gambaro, at least have the decency to use your married name. Dont bother telling Australians we face “challenges”, we already have from total incompetents like you. We are sick of being insulted, abused, and generally being treated like dirt from our politicians and these so called refugees.

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