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Teresa van Lieshout, pretty much anything said about her isn’t good. As controversial as they come seems to dog her everywhere she goes and everything she does. Palmer United Party dumped her quick smart, then again Palmer United was shown to be the most disunited political party we ever had. Teresa was but one of the reasons. Perhaps she can put that on her resume and serve her some good.

Things about her and whats been written:

Perennial political candidate Teresa van Lieshout has announced her decision to run in the Canning by-election during an 11-minute YouTube video of her dancing to AC/DC, Katy Perry and ABBA.

Ms van Lieshout previously ran unsuccessfully in several elections including the 2013 state and federal elections, and the 2014 re-run Senate election in WA.

The prolific vlogger made headlines in 2013 after Palmer United Party leader Clive Palmer disendorsed her as a candidate for not toeing the party line, just 12 days after she was selected.

Source: http://www.9news.com.au

Teresa has her own dedicated Facebook appreciation group – all are invited to be a member:


It is written on there:

“hi all and welcome, this group is as you can read ”the Teresa Van Lieshout is a fruit loop appreciation society”

kinda has a nice ring to it, perhaps its my devilishly sense of humour
most of you know her and or have had run-in’s with her, just in case you don’t know her she is an anti-Islam person
a self-appointed guru if you will , problem being she is vile and spews hatred towards anyone who dares question or challenge her., she is a self-appointed ‘expert’ on pretty much all topic’s, she has been booted out of two political parties, and more groups than you can poke a stick at

Lisa’s current Youtube commercial for the canning by election:


Published on Aug 2, 2015
I’m contesting the Canning By-Election, resulting from Don Randall’s death. When we win the seat, I will register, Voter Rights Party (Australia), as a parliamentary party, with the vision to win another 50 seats at next years federal election 2016.

Her Previous Youtube commercial Vasse By-Election (WA)


Published on Sep 18, 2014
Compare this masterpiece to liberal, labor, and the greens boring rhetoric, endless broken promises, lies, and corruption; VOTE 1 Teresa van Lieshout.

This is what she said to me directly (website owner):
22 rapist men still working in Aus military, what a great achievement Paul, you & your evil scummy liberal/labor kind.

No your not, your clearly an evil pro murdering fascist liberal asshole, how many Aboriginal, poor & vulnerable Australians, & women, children, & Christians, have youse killed, bashed, & raped this century, like I said genocidal.

Face the facts, you liberal & labor, kill, torture, rape, & steal for power, control, & money, youse are genocidal. End of discussion.

well you & Hastie can rape each other up the arse, as far as Im concerned, thats all most political-govt men are good for, ha ha.

A Facebook friend said this about her:

I had a run in with her over such a minor disagreement and she went ballistic, she is very unstable

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