The Knifing Of Tony Abbott

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Get this out to everybody, especially the gays – they are in trouble.

Turnbulls own words on the knifing of Kevin Rudd:
“The betrayal of you as leader of your party was one of the most shocking events I have ever witnessed, and I would think any of us have ever witnessed, in politics—the scale of it. The idea that the man who had won, in this presidential campaign, an election against John Howard was then going to be disposed of, discarded like another course on a lazy Susan in a Vietnamese restaurant—the cruelty of it was extraordinary!”

Well said arsehole…….

For our overseas readers, a great Australian Prime Minister Mr Tony Abbott – the one who stopped the boats was visciously deposed by a scumbag called Malcolm Turnbull – read on…

Malcolm Turnbull’s performance on appointing women:

A sensitive cabinet document leaked to Fairfax Media shows Malcolm Turnbull was the Abbott government’s worst-performing minister when it came to appointing women to boards.

back stabberThe leak, designed to damage the newly minted Prime Minister, came as Mr Turnbull’s predecessor revealed his plans to stay on in Parliament.

The document, dated August 6, is headed “Protected: Sensitive: Cabinet.” It includes a table of cabinet-level appointments to boards made since September 2013, when the Coalition came to power.

The leak, just days after Mr Turnbull rolled Mr Abbott for the prime ministership, shows that of the 16 appointments made to boards in the communications portfolio, only one was a woman.

That appointment was made in December 2014, when Mr Turnbull and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann named Dominique Fisher as a non-executive director of Australia Post.

In contrast, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and his predecessor Scott Morrison oversaw the appointment of 36 women to boards.

Workplace Minister Eric Abetz, who could be dumped from Mr Turnbull’s new cabinet, also exceeded the 40 per cent target, as did Mr Abbott and Senator Cormann.

However it is understood that Mr Abbott’s office, infamous for its micro-managing and authoritarian style, constantly held up board appointments.

Also, the table does not account for Dr Kerry Schott and Alison Lansley, who were both reappointed to the NBN board under Mr Turnbull’s watch.

On Islam:

Following Saturdays terrorising of Sydney Streets, it is worth remembering that the Federal Member of Parliament whose disgruntled liberal voters

electorate is in this area, Malcolm Turnbull, is a strong advocate of multiculturalism – which as we know is advocacy for

islamists Turnbull warns Australian’s to respect islam.

Australians who demean or denounce Muslims over continuing terror threats are helping a key objective of terrorists, Liberal backbencher Malcolm Turnbull says

Which I have to say is pretty bizarre thinking – so lets see if you object to Islamist , you are actually helping them….yep OK Malcolm I get it.

So apparently Malcolm is quite happy with toddlers threatening to behead people and exposing Aussie kids to this level of insane violence.

Turnbull is the member for East Sydney, the area with a very high right wing moderate gay population. Yes a few radical ratbags as well like anywhere on any subject. He openly supports a terror regime that allows the horrible treatment of gay people by these imbecile Islamics do on a daily basis. He is deceiving the gays simply saying he supports them. He doesnt. Time to get the word to the gays to face reality

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