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No point in joining or supporting micro parties, that achieves nothing except assist Turnbull. Join the Liberals, that’s the best way to go, stack the branches – force the left wing faction out. Turnbull and the two Bishop’s and a few others need booting. Change comes within, not without. Now is not the time to desert them, Labor will win hands down. Your choice.

Yes, over the last few months we have seen some disgraces within that party, all because we, the Australian public have been asleep at the wheel, being Facebook armchair politicians. Seriously, what do you think sharing a few posts and a few comments will do? Nothing, that’s what. Wake up you lot.

Oh you may get that warm fuzzy feeling between the legs thinking you have done your bit but come on, its a numbers game here. As much as I agree with many of the policies and ideas of the micro parties reality is very different. Even if they field a candidate the vote will only go to Liberals after it has filtered down. So what difference did it make. Jack shit, that’s what and furthermore – you know it so why bother?

Its like you trying to fight the war in Syria, sitting at the computer sharing posts and expressing a few ideas is really going to make a difference – not. Its always someone else who has to do it. It takes boots on the ground to win the war. High heels and fish net stockings on the ground will win the war in this case.

Now for our overseas reader, this applies to you locally as well. The left wing are totally organised in this regard, that’s why they can trample all over us.

Sadly I know what will happen. Many out there will think “that’s a good idea” and do jack shit. Yes, you are held fully accountable for the destruction going on. Am I insulting you? Great – that is what is intended to happen.

The front page of this website comes with a warning, anything and everything is fair game so suck it up.

Yes the activism does assist in raising public awareness – well done you lot. Thats doing something positive.

The figures are interesting, 2% can change the whole lot around. The Germans in WWII in the POW camps worked out that 5% of the detainees will rise to the top and lead. What they did was keep moving these 5% around to be disruptive.

So you think you wont make a difference? You most certainly will. If only 2 people in your street follow what is written here the change will happen.

Now share this around and see what happens. I already know…..

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