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The pic that caused Tod Carney all the trouble – idiot

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Tod Carney

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tod carney urinal

One that I found but edited a bit.

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tod carney

It didn’t take long for the funny people to start. What gobsmacks me is a lot of the NRL players are kicking up a stink and crying injustice about the way Tod Carney has been treated. I dont think so guys and to hear him bleating about how hurt he has been is pathetic.

In a statement released by the Cronulla Sharks, the club confirmed they have sacked star player Todd Carney over a photograph of him performing a lewd act in a pub toilet which emerged on social media on Saturday.

The beginning of the statement read:

‘The Cronulla Shark Football Club has today after careful consideration and lengthy deliberation, including discussions with senior NRL management, made a decision to terminate Todd Carney’s NRL playing contract effective immediately.’

At 28 years old, the termination of this contract could very well mean the end of Carney’s major NRL career for good.


The picture originally prompted some fans to ask whether it was a Photoshop hoax but now his club have confirmed the man pictured is Carney.

The latest misdemeanor has ultimately signaled the end of the troubled player’s Cronulla career, with Nine’s Sunday Footy show tweeting the sacking.

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