Tony Abbott – Mysoginist

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Tony Abbott – Liberal Party – The mysoginist according to Julia Gillard – woman hater

Tony Abbott – Liberal Party – The mysoginist according to Julia Gillard – woman hater. Well, that’s the way Tony Abbott was described in a now rather famous mysogony speech by Julia Gillard.

julia Gillard demise

Tony Abbott a mysoginist. In fact, Julia being Julia in the last 24hours said it again (March 20th 2103). Dear me, doesn’t she ever learn? All you can do is shake your head at all this. She is under tremendous pressure from within and without over a whole range of things. There is only one person in the country at the moment that believes Labor can win the next election, that’s Julia. Her media “reforms” are failing, the press is doing the biggest carve up possible on her except the ABC. To make it all worse, there is the leadership issue. Seems everyone wants her gone but no-one wants the job. Who would, they will get blamed for any election loss. The 3 independents have made it clear if she goes so do they, that means another election immediately. If you didn’t know what the meaning of being stuck between a rock and a hard place was before this well describes it.

These five women are the next issue.

Here is something I posted on the Party For Freedom Facebook page:

“It just came to my realization one funny little thing. Has it escaped anyones attention that the very worst people we have in this country are Julia Gillard, Nichola Robson, Christine Milne, Sarah Hanson-Young and a couple of others. These are the very same ones who are behind this mass importation of Islamic’s. Much the same group thought it was funny to call Abbott a “Misogynist with the implication he is a woman hater? Everyone then was running scared after that.

Think about this. The above females are the ones who will allow Sharia Law in here if they have their way. Guess who will be responsible for women to really be put in the category well below that of feral dogs as they are elsewhere. Now I ask you, why is a single woman anywhere supportive of Gillard.

If as women you can fully understand this point, start getting vocal, get your friends involved and go after these lot. This on my part is not a political act, I rather think we have some pretty good Sheilah’s in this country. Yes, the average Aussie larikan may have a way to go yet but hey, we are ok and I am damned sure we don’t want no idiot messing with our women.

Get onto it girls and get active on this point.”

The simple fact is this. There should not be a single woman in this country vote for Labor with this going on. The very people who claim to support your rights and welfare. They will enslave you. Get onto it and start getting active. Write letters to editors, post all this on every blog you can find, do everything you can. One thing is for certain, your future really does depend on you being active,

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