The Barcelona Declaration

Never heard of it? Its the reason Europe is so stuffed now. One of those carefully worded agreements that hide

Huge Illegal African Wave Set To Hit Europe

Huge Illegal African Wave Set To Hit Europe, German Intel Says With Merkel and Macron at the helm, існує

Великобританія – You Have Serious Problems

The headline screams: більш 17,000 attempts by illegal Islamic African invaders to reach Britain from Calais since January –

The Eugenics Movement

Britain and America are two countries that, in recent years, have led the world in attempting to give disabled people

A Real Dilemma

Factually this is quite correct. Both Hitler and Churchill are very right wing and both believe it or not were

The Kalergi plan

Dont know what this is? Better get educatedits the reason for everythingforget agenda 21 це

Muslim Rams Muslims With Car

Yes folks, you read it right Jailed: A Muslim who rammed Range Rover into group of Muslims celebrating Eid in

Jeremy Corbyn Terrorist and Traitor

If Jeremy Corbyn wins, Labour will be in the extraordinary position of having a leader with among the most extensive

Muslims Demand Pork Free Menus

Refugees are trying to throw their weight aroundungrateful arses There is a pol at the bottom of this

Sadidiq KhanTerrorist

A terrorist supporter is a terrorist According to a new report, Sadidiq Khan, the Mayor of London, may be too