Australian Green Party Supports Terrorism

RICEI want all Muslims to know that the Australian Greens support themShe said ALL folks, that

Hồi giáo đã giết hại 30 Hồi giáo của

The religion of pieces to be sure. Hand grenades used. Then these lot seriously wonder why we don’t want them

Islamics Plot to Place Bomb on Australian Aircraft

There is a poll at the bottom. Authorities say terror level is at probable. Novamagic maintains this level is in

Islamic Labor MP Khalil EidehDual Citizen

I have one simple question, being a dual citizen why is Islamic Labor MP Khalil Eideh still in Parliament? Oh

The News Only Gets Worse

The Mayor of Minneapolis where the Justine Damond murder happened demanded the sacking of the current Police Chief Janee Harteau.

Germany France Prepare for Civil War

All of Europe is about to blow Germany is now joining France in the enormous build up to civil War as right-wing radicalization takes