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Warren Entsch Liberal member for Leichhardt Queensland, there is nothing good about him I can find anywhere on the web except for self promotion and even that doesnt stand up to scrutiny. One article I found he was urged to resign from the Party. He needs to be booted asap

I will quote:

Warren EntschWarren Entsch, who’s done bugger all during his previous Howard Government term, took on as his benchmark issue this term the massive insurance price hikes that have been dished out by an unregulated insurance industry on Far North Queensland. Unfairly. And Massively.

Well we’ve now seen the results of his election as Member for Leichhardt, and Minister of Blogs. Nothing. Well, nothing is too kind. Really, less than nothing.

In the just announced budget, this “life or death” issue for Far North Queenslanders was given the mighty Tony Abbott LNP “FLICK”. The issue received:

• $4M grant for a price comparison website (which other, non-governmental websites, already do)
• $12.5M for insurance “engineering assessment grants”.

Source – http://www.hillbillywatch.com/

On Gay etc issues…

Meet Warren Entsch, Queensland’s unlikely but vocal LGBTI champion. “After a few beers he would become very feminine with the other guys and would end up having a fight.” It was the moment that set Entsch – dubbed a “progressive redneck” – on his path to become the Coalition’s most passionate advocate for gay rights. A former crocodile hunter, grazier and RAAF serviceman, the 64-year old recognizes he’s the last person one would expect to find in that role.

CAIRNS MP Warren Entsch looks set to lead the charge for marriage equality in Australia with his private member’s Bill predicted to enter parliament as early as today.

Mr Entsch has been a long-time supporter of marriage equality, riding against the views of many in his party room – in particular Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

A spokeswoman for Mr Entsch said the Member for Leichhardt did not want to play the issue out through the media but said he was sticking to his plan to introduce the Bill during this sitting of Federal Parliament.

Cairns LGBT Alliance spokesman Ben Woodward said it had been “a long journey and a long battle” to get to this point.

“This year around the world we’ve seen the progression of marriage equality,” he said.

“It really is the time for Australia to accept marriage equality.”

Patrol Boats

CAIRNS MP Warren Entsch has changed his tune over the Federal Government’s decision to award a lucrative shipbuilding contract to Western Australia, claiming he wasn’t given the right information.

The Member for Leichhardt blasted his Coalition colleagues on Monday over their decision to award the Pacific Patrol Boat shipbuilding contract to Western Australian-based firm Austal.

On hearing the news, Mr Entsch said he didn’t trust Defence Minister Marise Payne’s judgment and was also furious with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“I don’t take back anything that I said because it was said with the limited information I had available to me.

“They (Defence) agreed they had handled this appallingly.”

“I don’t take back anything that I said because it was said with the limited information I had available to me.

“They (Defence) agreed they had handled this appallingly.”

Just seems like a case of gay sour grapes to me, someone will get the tender

The Croc Attack

Federal MP Warren Entsch has warned against any crocodile backlash in his electorate, saying what appears to be a fatal attack on a tourist at a Queensland beach was “avoidable” and the result of “human stupidity”.

“You can’t legislate against human stupidity,” he said on Monday.

Yes we know that Warren, but please, a tad more sensitivity.

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