Why Vote Australian Liberty Alliance

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To be perfectly honest there isn’t a single reason I can give you. Its anti Islam anti Islam anti Islam anti Islam anti Islam anti Islam anti Islam anti Islam and that’s all you hear from them. Worse than any cracked record. I have yet to see a single post anywhere from them about anything else. Never ends.

Sure they have other policies but when questioned about it all you get is that they are on their website. Sorry guys, not good enough at all. Its actually up to you to promote what you offer, dont any of you have any marketing skills? Well that’s a worry, it takes more than to run a Government.

Lets get the facts right here. They are tyrants, worse than Mao Lenin or any of them They only want you to hear what they shove down your throat. How many people have reported that questions have ever been answered. Very very few. And a few people I know if they ask a question that is a bit controversial they get booted from the group or their question deleted. In one instance I know of the person (an ALA member) was taken off the mailing list totally and hasn’t received a single event invite of late.

These lot will not tolerate dissent in any form. They will threaten anyone who displeases them in any way. There are a number of reports like that, I am one of them. The worst offender is Ralf Schuman – or whoever the twat is. All he does is threaten you with legal action. OK mate, bring it on, you are dealing with an ex Commando here and I dont mind a stoush. I am sure the entire social network groups would love to see it. There are a few others that would get involved and bring you down. They like me switched to One Nation and are responsible for the very quick rise and are beating you in preferences as to how people will vote. Dont pick a fight with someone that owns one of the worlds most popular websites, rated 700,000 at one stage.

How long was people asking which way they planned on preferencing, and got stone walled. When they did finally reveal it they stuffed it up and pissed off a lot of people. Well done. Now you lot seriously think you can run a country?

  • Gun control – fence sitting
  • Family Law – no policy
  • Narcotics – no policy
  • Its all anti Islam anti Islam anti Islam anti Islam anti Islam anti Islam anti Islam anti Islam

Think this through guys and dont be Sheeple.

Vote One Nation, they have complete policies

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