Parramatta bomb hostage siege

Parramatta bomb hostage siegethe claytons siege. The siege that never was. Simply another in the long list of NSW Police acts of gross stupidity Parramatta bomb hostage siege -The story goes something like thisOn Tuesday September 6th 2011 A man holed up in a Lawyers chambers in閱讀更多 →

First off, we all pass on our deepest thoughts to the relatives and families of our NZ and Australian friends who lost their lives. In spite of the good natured sledging and banter New Zealand and Australia are very much blood brothers. Thats why the word ANZAC exists. 有閱讀更多 →

Zahida, 19, and Husna, 26,

Islamic and Indian. There comes a time, and an incident that turns the tide on the way you think. This one did it for me. They then pinned the girls down and tightened the noose until they died, police say. Two Indian and Islamic women in India have allegedly killed閱讀更多 →


Golden Circle Beetroot by Heinz. This has gone far enough. Beetroot, dear to the heart of every Australian. No self respecting Aussie would ever consider having a hamburger without beetroot on it. As humble as it is, a wonderful tasting vegetable. Like passionfruit, its something we all love.    閱讀更多 →

Pike River Mine Enquiry. There comes a time when you simply dont believe what you are reading. How incompetent are these people? This was always going to happen. This electrician should have known better. The most damning part is the Mines Department, they are as culpable. This is as reported….閱讀更多 →

呢條友, 國防部長斯蒂芬. 史密斯, 係一個死定白痴. 就好似 Ranga. 吉拉德. 視頻, 星期四夜晚由七網絡播出, 顯示士兵提到阿富汗人 “砂库恩斯”, “沙丘库恩斯”, “黑” 和 “臭鄉里”. The story in issue here is the soldiers who made their feelings閱讀更多 →

Police Commissioner Christine Nixon and her BookFair Cop I have looked at this whole thing, studied the history of it, timing, evemts before I wrote this. There seemed something oddly out of place, and their was. There was the sheep mentality, it sounded good so lets hang Christine.閱讀更多 →