Australia The Great Southern Land Australia Great Southern Land of contrast, floods, fire, drought all at once somewhere on the same day. We are a proud nation, nothing came easywe have our proud Military day, April 25th where we honour those who fought and died for us. Our閱讀更多 →

wear red on friday

Wear red on Friday in support of all our troops. Where did all this startI really do not know. Someone had a bright idea to show support for our troops by wearing a red shirt every Friday. I guess the best thing written about it is on the閱讀更多 →

margaret thatcher

玛格丽特·撒切尔 – rip. I unreservedly apologise to the family and decent British people for comments made by some of our politicians, notably Julia Gillard, Bob Carr and David O’Byrne and no doubt a few others. I also apologise and hang my head in shame about the conduct of many閱讀更多 →

清真屠宰 – 睇下你係咪可以一路睇視頻 – 我唔可以 #8217, 係可怕嘅. 我哋應該生活喺一個文明嘅世界. 我唔係噉認為. 係非常生動的, 也是我見過的最糟糕的事情之一. Halal閱讀更多 →

野蠻的回教 – 世界的真實歷史. 野蠻的回教 – 世界的真實歷史. 佢唔 #8217, 你認為佢係. 佢唔 #8217 羅馬人摧毀了, 都唔係入侵的德國人. 估邊個摧毀了埃及? 仲有好多. [pro-player 類型 = & #8217; 視頻’ 圖像 = 同 #8217; 和 #8217;][/pro-player]閱讀更多 →

最糟糕的一種伊斯蘭教的恥辱和它發生喺呢度. 哀悼者被告知佢哋係 “不歡迎” 前警察同 #8217 嘅神職人員, 因為佢哋是非穆斯林的葬禮. 係而家在悉尼澳洲. 我哋為自己嘅多元文化感到自豪? 冇可能. 首先, 全家哀悼.閱讀更多 →

肯德基污糟嘅舖頭 – 唔係 #8217, 而係唯一的一個. 在阿德莱德骯髒的肯德基店入面, 一個邋遢的廚房嘅形象喺本周被發佈到社交媒體網站之後得到了廣泛的關注。. 客戶夏恩弗格森捕獲嘅圖像, which shows the KFC filthy shop fast food閱讀更多 →