If there is something that will make your gut want to throw up its the bad treatment of kids and animals. Islamic ‘s tend to excel at both. We have seen lots of images and videos online about the way they treat animals but take a look at how this閱讀更多 →

This website is no major fan of the Sunrise TV show yet this Kathy Griffin has gone way overboard with her behaviour. There is a line in the sand and this woman pole vaulted it. We all can respect political beliefs different to ours and that is the basis of閱讀更多 →

Its supposed to be authoritativeI have my doubts I know that there are 5 different types of poison that can be injected into people and kill them instantly. The beauty of these is that they are not detectable with any autopsy. How they work is simple, they quickly閱讀更多 →

新南威尔士公路巡邏隊無疑係世上最腐敗的警察部隊. 我的一個 gd 嘅朋友建議佢哋在內部被稱為蓋世太保. 另一個告訴我, 好少有志願者為公路巡邏, most are sent there and the next閱讀更多 →

In this video you will see everyday moderates and their actionsthink about it When you see this video, you will know exactly what you are fighting against. It is real footage in Afghanistan. To our western mind it is incomprehensible in totality. These barbaric types simply have no閱讀更多 →