Brigadier Jim Wallace & the ACL

Brigadier Jim Wallace & the ACL


This whole thing never seems to end….

It appears this comment made by Jim Wallace has stirred the pot:

Jim Wallace, the head of the Australian Christian Lobby and a one-time SAS commander, used Twitter on Monday to say: “Just hope that as we remember servicemen and women today we remember the Australia they fought forwasn’t gay marriage and Islamic!”

Brigadier Jim Wallace
Brigadier Jim Wallace



At that he has been attacked from all directions.

One attack came was:

SeandBlogonaut said Mr Wallace wasdespicable”.

Using ANZAC Day to push your anti-gay, anti-muslim agendayou are truly a despicable individual,” 佢啾啾.

Others declared him abigot”, “homophobe in disgraceand anA-grade douchebag”.



Actually, soldiers fight for the right of all persons and free speech, regardless of race, colour, religion etc. They sacraficed their lives so that the bigots and racists of the world can come here and with absolute freedom speak their mind. Speaking their mind also includes savage attacks on the people who gave them those freedoms and accuse them of all sorts of things. In essence, trying to silence any statement that may offend them. These same people who attack Jim Wallace if they had their way would run a society that is contrary to the freedoms that Jim and other soldiers fought and died for. The Islamics are a classic case, we are all aware of how totally intolerant they are.

Jim, dont aplologise for anything, freedom of speech is what its all about. The problem is that your attackers dont believe in it. They are usuallyif you read their backgrounds, are of socialist alliances somewhere or some radical splinter group.

I agree with you, our men did not fight and die for gays and Islamics to run the show and be attacked by them. They fought and died for the rights of these groups to exist and speak their minds. If the islamics dont like it, they can always get on a plane and go back to their free minded countrys, if the gays dont like it then they can get back into the closet.

Dont see too much outrage over the islamics trying to spread sharia law here, they have a right to freedom of speech.

Here is an excerpt from a case in point on ninemsn, it concerns the protesters at the Villawood detention centre:

His brother could not go back to Iran because he might be killed for converting to Christianity, Hadi said.

You really want gays and Islamics running the show? I think not.





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