novamagic 嘅普及推動了它由1000万到70万最受歡迎的網站在世上只有六周. 我們需要你的幫助 – 所以我有建立 facebook novamagic 社區加入. 我哋需要支軍隊的志願者做轉發閱讀更多 →

New Zealand CYFChild Youth and Family. I will reprint here what they say on their own website – “Our people are passionate about caring for kids and supporting families. We are the single biggest employer of social workers in the country. In addition to more than 1,300 social閱讀更多 →

First off, we all pass on our deepest thoughts to the relatives and families of our NZ and Australian friends who lost their lives. In spite of the good natured sledging and banter New Zealand and Australia are very much blood brothers. Thats why the word ANZAC exists. 有閱讀更多 →


Golden Circle Beetroot by Heinz. This has gone far enough. Beetroot, dear to the heart of every Australian. No self respecting Aussie would ever consider having a hamburger without beetroot on it. As humble as it is, a wonderful tasting vegetable. Like passionfruit, its something we all love.    閱讀更多 →

Pike River Mine Enquiry. There comes a time when you simply dont believe what you are reading. How incompetent are these people? This was always going to happen. This electrician should have known better. The most damning part is the Mines Department, they are as culpable. This is as reported….閱讀更多 →