Currency Quiz

Currency Quiz


好喇睇下你有幾靚. 你知道埃塞俄比亞喺邊, 但你知嘅貨幣? You may never have hears of Eritrea so I will enlighten you. 它的一個分離地區, 曾經係埃塞俄比亞一分子同使用嘅貨幣係厄立特里亞 nakfa 首都係一個叫阿斯馬拉嘅地方。, 紅海嘅海港. 係呀, 呢個測驗嘅作者一直喺度, 實際上佢係一個可愛嘅地方.

幾大犁透過呢啲問題, 是的, 有些是強硬的. 冇乜嘢把戲問題, 最大鑊嘅係你可以學到啲嘢. Take the Currency quiz.

You don’t know where Ethiopia is? Its on the North of Africa A bit more to the East and borders with Somalia. Still confused? Google it.

Test Your Currency Knowledge

This is a simple quiz, try and match the unit of currency to the country. 有 20 questions,


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