Italy is Sinking

Italy is Sinking


State of ‘Collapse’: Italy Overwhelmed as 13,500 African Migrants Arrive in Past Two Days. Thats just the last 2 天. I was there 2 years ago and the place was a cesspit then. Illegal parasites everywherein simple terms the place was a shithole, the former proud glory gone, wiped out. Its a planned European invasion and nothing else

Italy’s migrant welcome centers are in a state of “collapse” as huge waves of African migrants take advantage of the temperate climate to make the crossing from Libya to the Italian peninsula.

On Tuesday, 8,500 非洲非法寄生蟲進入意大利海岸 14 唔同船, 添加到 " 5,000 邊個喺星期一抵達. 大量嘅移民導致當地媒體以及政界人士說, 真正的移民 "入侵" 超過了該國的同化能力。. 請喺本頁底部進行投票. 你既觀點好重要.


官員報道琼 15 , 超過 65,000 移民由年初就到了。, but that was prior to the latest influx. Figures for the year now stand at 73,380 migrants into Italy, or a rise of 14.42 percent over the same period in 2016, when then-record arrivals had reached 64,133.

The exodus from Libya to the Italian coast has continuing unabated with no visible action on the part of the Italian government or the European Union to halt it.

The illegal parasites who reach the Libyan coast from all parts of Africa (most recently, from the West), embark in the Mediterranean on makeshift boats. The majority of these are picked up either by NGOs or humanitarian organizations or official Italian Coast Guard or naval vessels.

Despite their intention to travel up through Italy into northern Europe, the vast majority of illegals end up remaining in Italy, mostly because the northern borders with France, Switzerland and Austria are closely watched.

According to the Interior Ministry, the region that has taken in the most migrants is Lombardy (13 percent), followed by Lazio (9 percent), Campania (9 percent), Piedmont (8 percent), Veneto (8 percent), Emilia Romagna (8 percent), Tuscany (7 percent), Puglia (7 percent) and Sicily (7 percent).

“The government continues to show a worrying powerlessness in the face of a situation that becomes more and more dramatic every day,” said Paolo Romani, president of the senators of Forza Italy. Romani urged Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni to “safeguard national interests, even if necessary by blocking the access to Italian ports.”

Romani has also called on the UN Security Council to intervene, urging “shared strategies to stop the departures” from Libya, as well as a ban on NGOs whose shuttle service to Italy only serves to “aggravate the situation.”

Romani’s counterpart in the House, Forza Italia’s Renato Brunetta, has petitioned Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti to block migrant ships heading to Italy and instead to request European Union (EU) Officials to have the vessels diverted to other Mediterranean ports.

The head of Italy’s Northern League party, Matteo Salvini, expressed his exasperation in a tweet to his followers, noting that Tuesday’s arrival of 8,500 illegal immigrants onto Italian soil was “fucking enough.”

“This complicit government will do nothing,” he wrote, “so it’s up to us to use every (licit) means we can,” while adding the hashtag #stopinvasione.


Illegal Immigrants
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