Race Row Over Hobbit Casting

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Let us take a look at the person at the centre of all this. Her name is Naz Humphreys, a British national of Pakistani Origin

naz humphreys hobbit

My understanding of all this is that the Hobbits in the book were in fact of caucasean background. Naz appears to think she is being discriminated because of it. It is almost etched in stone that if the Hobbits were dark skined not a single caucasean would start a race row because of it. Where is the problem of these people realizing that these things are not personal at all. Its the book and story line and thats all there is to it. What they often fail to realize is that there is no discrimination in anyones mind, we are for the most are part well over that. Its them that turn the rest of us that way.

Now she is going to toddle off to the anti discrimation board or whatever and plead her case and get a heap of dollars not entitled to.

And now we have a woman with acause”…

It’s 2010 and I still can’t believe I’m being discriminated against because I have brown skin,” Humphreys told the Waikato Times newspaper.

The casting manager basically said they weren’t having anybody who wasn’t pale-skinned.

Humphreys has started a Facebook group calledHire hobbits of all colours! Say no to hobbit racism!”

Please dear God, give me strength

The article goes on….

The agent also placed a classified advertisement in the Bay of Plenty Times listing essential requirements for potential hobbits, including age, 16-80, and height — below 170 cm for men and 158cm for women.

The additional demand for light skin tones applied only to women.

I am damned if I can see any racism in there at all. The agent was ok with dark skinned people but not for female roles.

This is what Humphreys said about it all as reported

Humphreys said she was a huge fan of Jackson’s Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy and, at 1.5 metres, had hoped for a bit part in The Hobbit, a two-part prequel to the original movies.

I would love to be an extra,” 佢話:. “But it just seemed like a shame because obviously hobbits are not brown or black or any other colour.

They all look kind of homogenised beige and all derived from the Caucasian gene pool.

Saw one commentand this defines the whole sad sorry issue

if hobbits are white then so be it. Ever seen negro’s playing Asian roles?

To make matters worse the production company ran for the hills and were not in any way supportive. Hope the film is a flop, deserves to be. Bloody gutless wonders. Another case of political correctness gone mad.

Naz, get a bloody life please, you have by the facts shown you are nothing more than a damned activist and for all purposes, done an enormous amount of damage. It is plainly obvious no-one will ever hire you for any reason. People are plain sick of the whole thing.

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