Swans star Adam Goodes always plays the victim: 艾伦琼斯

Swans star Adam Goodes always plays the victim: 艾伦琼斯

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Radio shock jock Alan Jones has delivered a scathing assessment of Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes on national television, saying the champion footballer alwaysplays the victimand needs to change his behaviour if he wants crowds to stop booing him at AFL games.

alan jones
alan jones

The 2GB presenter claimed crowds were reacting negatively to the 35-year-old because they simply didn’t like his behaviour, including hisspear throwing and the running in and doing a war dance and so on and provoking people”.
Jones insisted crowds had not forgotten when Goodeshumiliateda 13-year-old girl who was in the crowd of an AFL match in 2013. The teenager was escorted from the MCG after calling Goodes an ape. She later apologised and claimed she did not know the word was a racist slur.
Adam Goodes continues to be booed by opposition fans.
Adam Goodes continues to be booed by opposition fans. 相: Brendan Esposito
You know, the man is always a victim,” Jones railed on Channel Seven’s Sunrise on Wednesday morning.

“然後, 他成為澳洲嘅一年, 並告訴我哋, 我哋同 #8217; 所有種族主義者. 每次佢講話, 澳洲係一個種族主義國家.
“我嘅意思係, 有 71 本土球員. 佢哋喺橄欖毬聯盟, 佢哋喺橄欖毬聯合. 佢地無處不在. 佢哋同 #8217; 再打網球, D 人冇 #8217. 佢哋同 #8217; D 因為佢地唔中意佢, 佢哋唔鐘意佢, 佢哋都唔鍾意佢嘅行為, 佢哋唔 #8217。”
亞當呢啲畀天鵝畀咗時間. 相: 盖蒂圖片社
Jones had been asked for his opinion after it was revealed Goodes was considering retiring due to the negative influence the booing at games was starting to have on his teammates.
Goodes copped another torrent of abuse from a hostile away crowd on Sunday during the Swansmatch against West Coast at Domain Stadium. One person in the crowd allegedly yelled at Goodes toget back to the zoo”.

Goodes’ 隊友李维士捷達表演咗當地嘅戰爭舞蹈, 並投擲一個假想的矛在西海岸的人群支持佢嘅朋友.
瓊斯說, 退休嘅傾偈係 “典型的亞當呢啲”.
“佢哋 [噓聲人群] 只是唐同 #8217, 唔中意嘅嘢. 亞當呢啲可以通過改變佢嘅行為嚟解決呢一切. 但 #8217 佢今日講嘅? #8216; 哦, 我同 #8217, 我要離開. 我可能要辭職. 我得 #8217。’
“問小13-year-old 嘅女仔, 佢係點處理,. She was paraded over the national media as a person who really had to apologise. She wrote a letter and apologised. 我嘅意思係, the poor little thing, 13 歲, disabled mother. 我嘅意思係, give me a break.
The bloke’s a rich Australian athlete. He humiliated a 13-year-old girl who didn’t even know what she was saying, and the public haven’t forgotten it. Someone’s got to ask the question: why are they booing Adam Goodes and not the other 70 Indigenous AFL players? Adam Goodes can fix this by changing his behaviour. He again today plays the victim.
Sunrise co-presenter David Koch said crowds had a right to boo or applaud players, but not when it crossed the line into racial abuse.
He said the crowd member’s zoo insult was racist and ridiculous.
He wouldn’t say that to a white man. He wouldn’t say to a white guy get back to the zoo,” Koch said.
Goodes did not train on Tuesday and has been given two days off.
Swans coach John Longmire said there was no expectation on Goodes, a dual Brownlow medallist, to declare his availability for the round 18 match against Adelaide at the SCG on Saturday.


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